Joshua Kuehn

      Leaving your birthplace in Ohio to move to the center of the tech universe can seem like a monumentous occasion for anyone, especially to someone who is aiming to pursue a career in computer science. I managed to skip all that excitement simply because I was 9 months old when I moved from Ohio to the Bay Area; and I've been out here ever since. Despite growing up in the shadows of the tech titans, I never gave computer programming much thought. I was more interested in physics and space. I still hold a deep, passionate love for space and a strong respect for physics, I have found my true love: computer programming. Just 2 years ago, I was completely unaware of the boundless enjoyment I would find in writing code. It took a good friend and a lot of patience of my part to crack the shell of obscure jargon that surrounds most coding languages.
      Since I first embarked on my journey into writing code, I have now written a multitude of programs in a variety of languages. These include my own take on the A* path finding algorithm to solve mazes in my spare time, to a 3D engine that renders basic terrain and trees. Alongside these, I've learned and written automation programs for the TI series calculators to help me solve my math and physics work in record time.